The Stories Behind My Songs

The Stories behind my originals..............

I present these songs to you,

to arouse whatever emotion they bring.

Each has a personal meaning to me,

I wanted to share the inspiration that created these songs.


"A Friend Is Dying"

We believe it is all absolutely the best it can be. Or is it? Is it true that through our greed we are slowly killing our best friend

“Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine”

 I think we’ve all been in a relationship that we knew was not good for us, and left us emotionally drained. But the thought of ending that relationship brought a feeling of desperation to keep it going, at all costs.

“Hardest Thing To Quit”

About a year and a half ago I met a musician just out of rehab. Still chasing and dodging the demons that could have easily taken him from this world, he was working it, struggling but making headway. Then the bottom fell out. His wife cheated and left him, his life once again came crashing around him. He found that quitting his addictions was not the most difficult thing he had to face. He couldn’t bear to give up his wife and the life they knew, even though that life would probably drag him back to the depths he rose from. He had to let go, of her, of himself and find a way to move on............she was truly the “Hardest Thing To Quit”

"Hearts On Fire"

Most of us feel totally lost at some point in our lives. Not quite sure where we are going or how to get there. But we stay strong, persevere and slowly, if we keep an open mind, the solution, direction and destination become clear.

"Hey Old Man"

Many musician dream of becoming a star and many of those that do, spend years of anonymity in dingy bars and lonely venues to become an "overnight" success. Only to find that the success, the money, and all the other perks are not what filled their soul. The motivation and enjoyment wane and after some period of time, the realization is that being in the spotlight is not what was gratifying. The is that the heart and emotions were filled by the creation, the message and the melody even when no one but the silence would hear.

“Lonely For You”

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? The only in a relationship you desperately needed? Have ever had something so close, but it was still out of reach? Have ever had something so close, but it was still out of reach?

"Messed Up and Twisted"

Second chances. So rare, so fleeting, many times unrecognizable. When we see the opportunity, desperation sets in and all caution is thrown to the wind. This song is about one of those times.

"Missin'You Blues"

Each year I head to Colorado for a mountain climbing vacation. As much as I love it, I always miss my wife. I wrote this during one of those trips.

Nothin’ But Love”

When you least expect it, sometime a second chance presents itself.

“Not Playin’ Fair”

Have you ever felt like you were taken advantage of by someone you loved, someone that didn’t play by the rules. You could feel something was not right, you were on the losing end of a relationship gone array. Soyou attempt to make your point in a subtle way.......Love is all about "Playing Fair"

"Passions In My Mind"

Passion and lust are not strictly physical pleasures as many people believe. A bonding and understanding of our bodily needs and desires is rarely based solely upon "the moment" and the sensations we feel. It is much, much deeper than that. The mind, first and foremost, must be involved and on board or the body cannot cooperate or appreciate.

"Sailor Man"

An old ship captain achieves his ultimate dream


To appreciate one, we must have the other three

"She Said"

Many people cannot understand my love for mountain climbing and why I would voluntarily put myself in danger and abuse my body on a steep, rocky hillside. My wife and I have had many discussions about my obsession and this song was born. Many of the lines in this song are taken verbatim from our conversations.

"She's Gone"

Conceit and self-centeredness destroy more relationships than anything. They lead to various behaviors that most relationships cannot survive. And when it's over, and "She's Gone", the alone surfaces and the realization of how the other person was hurt become understood, sometimes. This song is about the regret of the feeling of invincibility and the loss of what could never be lost.

“The Last Time”

One year, after mountain climbing in Colorado, I really began to feel the toll it was taking on my aging body. At the time I firmly  believed it would be my last time.

"The Love That Would Never Die"

Everyone believes they have the best love, the best relationship, that it will last forever. But unforeseen, outside forces can change all of that.

"Things Don't Have To Be This Way"

Relationships are always a struggle, even the best ones. Egos collide, stubbornness rises and selfishness creeps in. If we view the situation honestly and if both parties are willing to open our eyes honestly, there is always a way and "Things Don't Have To Be This Way."

"Turn To Dust"

Depression is a debilitating, under-appreciated illness. Like so many others, I too have struggled with depression. I wrote this song to release some of my emotions as I was trying to come to terms with the everlasting struggle and to reassure others that there is a way out.

“Under Your Thumb”

So the relationship is perfect, the person is everything you’ve wanted, more than you ever thought you would have, a dream come true. Then poof, it’s gone. So you move on, collect yourself and just about the time everything seems to be just it is again, at your doorstep, offering you emotional and physical just don’t screw it up, again. But about the time everything looks good, feels solid.........gone.....and you’re left to struggle with the bits and pieces that are left and you work to put it all back together....again. Then unbelievably, it’s back, although this time you realize it wasn’t you, it was them.......and it’s time to run.....

"Wait 'Til Tomorrow"

Love can be a beautiful thing that begins as nothing and develops into a lifetime relationship

"Wanderin' Man"

I wrote this song many years ago, in my very young years, I felt there was no way I would settle down, no way that I could.. Play the field have a good time and move on. Immature yes, but that is honestly what inspired this song.

"Who's Doin' You"

A seemingly happy relationship, but one person is fooled and the other not satisfied. Suspicions arise, clues are found and the truth becomes apparent. In minutes another relationship ends.

"You Don't Know"

There are immense pressures in taking care of what needs attention. Friends, family, work, etc. One day while experiencing this pressure and feeling the need to run away, this song emerged from my frustrations.








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