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My Newest Novel

I'm currently working on my next book and it is coming along quite nicely. - 33,000 words, so about 1/3 of the way through it. As of yet, it does not have a title but the plot and the characters are beginning to get a life of their own -- Hoping to release this book very early of 2020

The Nice Guy -- Excerpt from Chapter

Chapter 7


A translucent haze drifted sluggishly, silently, on unseen lazy currents of air, like smoke from a dozen campfires. Ethereal figures glided periodically disturbing the milky fog. Nothing was opaque but nothing was clearly seen and whatever might be lurking behind the fog remained hidden. The air was antiseptic, a faint smell of alcohol and bleach lingered. A silent ‘beeping’ far in the distance could scarcely be noticed. The illumination was that similar to an evenly lit photographer’s studio, bright but soft, apparent but not aggressively noticeable.

The dreamlike scene was scarcely observed though lowered eyelids. Tiny slits appeared as his eyes resisted a feeble attempt to open. There was not a single thing that was recognizable. Ambiguous, vague, indistinguishable. It all hovered unbearably in a leisurely flow.

The Nice Guy -- excerpt from Chapter One

Chapter 1


He could feel it rising from the depths of his chest as it always did when misfortune intruded, the notorious impact of intense anxiety. Flushed, clammy, his breathing rapid as his eyes darted around the room as if something lying in wait would jump from the shadows. Scratching his left forearm, he rose from the chair and headed to the kitchen. On the counter sat a row of plastic containers, his medications. He reached for the one he takes when this happens, unscrewed the cap and shook three of the little tablets into his hand. No, only one…only take one, he reminded himself. His trembling hand deposited two of the tiny white pills back into the plastic container, his heart pounding wildly, deep in his chest. It was getting worse, that feeling, that damned feeling. I’ve gotta get outta here, he thought. “But where?” he said aloud. “Please stop,” he pleaded in a breathless gasp.

"The Nice Guy" -- Excerpts

Beginning this week, I will be posting excerpts

from various chapters from my latest book,

"The Nice Guy"

Check back often so you don't miss anything.

"The Nice Guy"

By May 1st, 2019, my most recent novel, "The Nice Guy" will be available.

As I'm writing this, the cover is being designed and the the final review of the text is nearly finished.

I'm particularly excited about this novel, my 1st mainstream work of fiction.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is a teaser: 

The Nice Guy

"Behind every dark cloud......"

Austin Ballantine was the epitome of bad luck – bullied in school, divorced, job after unsuccessful job. He hated his life.

And now his second wife has left him and two near death experiences left him shaken and afraid.

Once again he wanted to withdraw from everything but the consistent support of his psychiatrist reinforced the need to keep trying and not give up totally on life. The medications helped, soothing his anxiety but there was no medicine, that could alter the lifelong persistence of bad luck and misfortune.

Then along came Annie. Young, beautiful......and rich.

She was the answer to everything he never thought possible.

She approached him.

He resisted, she persisted. He knew he was not good enough for her.

But he succumbed to her perseverance and let his guard down.

Was it a mistake or the answer to all he had been searching for?

Or once again, will it all come crashing down.

One Day On A Mountain - A Near Disaster

In 2009 I took my 3rd trip to Colorado to climb the famed 14er mountains. This would be my attempt to summit my 3rd peak. In 2008 I successfully stood on the summit of Mt. Sneffles and Handies Peak. My next was La Plata Peak, Colorado's 5th highest peak at 14,336 feet above sea level.

Unfortunately the day did not go as planned. A severely broken ankle during my descent turned a beautiful climb into a near life threatening disaster. 

Read the full account, with pictures here on my website.

On the main menu at the top of the page click "Colorado Adventures" then click on "One Day On A Mountain - An account of a near disaster"

Then come back here and let me know what you think

Missouri Hiking

I'm exciting that spring is near. Hiking weather is just around the corner. 

My next hiking trip will be to the Silver Mine area of the St. Francois River. It's been many years since I've been there. There are 2 trails that I'm aware of. One is a 1.9 mile loop and the other is a 5 mile point to point trail. 

While I'm in the area I'll also check out the Thompson Ford access to the St. Francois, Millstream Gardens and Marble Creek.

It will make for a full day.

Be sure to check back as I will be posting pictures.

I'm Excited

I am so excited. I am nearing the completion of my second edit of my latest book, "The Nice Guy". I hope to have it available this May.

This book has been so much fun to write as the story developed as I moved from one chapter to the next. It's interesting to me how the characters develop and change as the story progresses.

I've written this book in a way that will keep the reader captivated. Each chapter has twists and turns that hopefully will surprise and take the reader off guard.

Follow my posts for updated information regarding the release.

Jamming at a B-Day Party

Yesterday I went to a birthday party for one of my wife's friends. I was asked to bring my guitar. When I got there I found out another guy, Don, brought his guitar also. I love to jam with musicians I've never played with before. We had a blast playing Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jimmy Buffet, Dion and more. 

There is always something to learn from anyone else you play with. 

We had a great time and the party people love it.......even had a few dancing.

Have a GREAT day folks.................and by the way..........ROCK ON!!!!!

Beginning of my Blog

I've decided to start a blog here on my page. I hope you will visit regularly and comment on my posts. I will be posting information on my books, their availability, progress and upcoming projects.

My music is very important to me and has been a major part of my life since I was only 13 years old. I have a new CD close to be being finished with original recordings of 25 songs I've written. Also, I'll have links to my work via youtube.

For those of you that know me or have followed me on social media, primarily Facebook, you are quite aware of my love for the outdoors. I will have regular posts about my adventures in Colorado, Missouri and other states I've visited.

Once again, PLEASE leave comments. Let me know what you think or what you would like to hear from me.

Talk to you again soon.


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